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The purpose of Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit is to edit JavaScript scripts as well as debug them. You'll usually find it package with different programs offered by Adobe such as the creative suite package, however if you're in need of it then it can be downloaded separately straight from Adobe's website without any issue. It is package with several features that make the chore of a process much more streamlined and easy to deal with.

A Microsoft hallmark that you'll find in virtually everything where there's extended writing to be done is found in auto-complete. Writing tons of code can be a hassle and having the program complete lengthy code for you is a godsend after the first twenty minutes you're stuck looking at raw scripts. It pops up in the form of a dropdown which allows you to select several different functions. Interactivity skyrockets here as you're not just staring at a simple text editor the entire time you're working. There's also a debug option to be found.

Though it's best left to the hands of someone trained to do this sort of work, the element inspector feature allows someone who may have forgotten a thing or two to be quickly refreshed on what they're doing. Each command that you would normally use along with those explicitly made for the program tell you what they do. So if you come across something new or old there's no worrying about having to head over to a forum or toss it into google to see what you're messing with.

Overall Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit is a worthy tool for editing.

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Reviewed by Greg Minton
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